Google Search Console, or GSC, as it is commonly known, has emerged as an extremely useful tool for people who either own a website or are responsible for its marketing and management. This free online service enables these professionals to gain valuable information about the website as well as the people visiting it. This data can be used by a digital marketing company for carrying out a wide range of website enhancement tasks including monitoring the number of visitors, finding and fixing website errors, submitting a sitemap, and even creating and checking a robots.txt file for the website.

However, given the huge volume of vital information provided by GSC, inexperienced online professionals might feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start. To make things easier for such professionals, given below are brief details of the key aspects to look out for in Google Search Console.

Search Analytics Report

The first thing to pay attention to is the Search Analytics Report that provides valuable information about the performance of a website in Google searches. The information, in turn, can be divided into four key data elements listed as follows.

a) Impressions, which provides the details of the number of times a website was listed in search results.

b) Clicks, which denotes the number of times the website link was clicked upon by the users in SERP pages.

c) Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the result obtained by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions to gain information about the relevance of the webpages for specific search terms.

d) Position defines the actual ranking of a web page in the search results.

Search Query Report

A Search Query Report helps webmasters and other related professionals assess how the users find a website in the first place. This information is of great value as it helps in identifying real-world terms, questions, and phrases that the web pages rank for. In many cases, the data obtained from this report may be surprising, but it almost always helps webmasters gain a better understanding of what keywords and phrases the accrual users use for finding the website. This enables online professionals to further refine their SEO strategies and even tweak the products and services offered by the website to satisfy the needs and expectations of the target audiences in a more satisfactory manner.

Check The Landing Pages One At A Time

The Google Search Console enables webmasters to break down all the available data according to individual landing pages. This provides vital information about the search terms that are ranking for each individual landing page. This helps in identifying pages that have consistently low CTR and enables them to look into the various issues that might be responsible for the low CTR. This information can then be used to to make the necessary changes and improvements to enhance the rankings of individual landing pages for specific search phrases. It will also help SEO services company in Gurgaon to analyze the things that can be done to further enhance the relevance of the page content with respect to the search phrase.

Finding And Fixing Errors

Finding and Fixing errors is one of the key aspects of ensuring a great browsing experience for website users. In this context, the mobile usability and crawl reports of Google Search Console can prove extremely helpful in identifying any issues with a website and making it more user-friendly. Mobile usability enables the webmasters to identify pages of the website that might not be performing too well,  while the crawl report helps them gain a better understanding of the pages from the perspective of Google search. Both these details can be used to improve the user-friendliness of the website.